SEO agency – which one to choose to start?

SEO agency – which one to choose to start?
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More and more entrepreneurs decide to start their own online business. This fact, however, should not come as a surprise to anyone. The combination of a very low initial investment and low maintenance costs makes a huge number of owners of smaller and larger stationary companies move them online. Modern commerce is under the sign of the internet and it is worth adapting to the current state of affairs. However, not everything is without its drawbacks and the same is true for e-commerce. Very low costs and the ability to make money regardless of where the customer lives make the competition, that is the number of entrepreneurs engaged in exactly the same activity, grow rapidly. One of the best weapons in the fight against low website popularity is SEO for WooCommerce implemented with the support of a proven interactive agency, such as SEO agency Chicago. It is worth getting to know it better.

What is SEO and how does it affect online business?

Most Internet users looking for a new website, such as a store, portfolio or a portal dedicated to a particular hobby, use Google search engine, which is a collection of millions of pages, graphics and files from all publicly available websites. On the homepage of the search engine there is a field to enter a key phrase, which can be used by the algorithm to display results in the form of a list – a list of pages that should, at least in principle, meet the expectations of the Internet user. In SEO for WooCommerce the idea is to make the selected store page appear in the highest possible positions. It’s also worth knowing that a statistical Internet user doesn’t look further than the third page of the list – so appearing on them is the key and primary goal of any SEO agency, emphasizes SEO agency Chicago.

Positioning is based on meeting all the guidelines of Google’s algorithm, which performs a series of complex calculations on the basis of data about a given website, collected by scripts, commonly known as Google robots. The algorithm takes into account hundreds of equally important parameters, and each of them has a huge impact on the result we will achieve.

One goal for three stages of positioning

SEO for WooCommerce is a process that consists of three stages in total. Each of them is very difficult, and carrying them out requires a great deal of knowledge, the acquisition of which means years of experience based on past actions. Among the stages, it is worth mentioning:

SEO audit. This is the first stage of positioning, which has a key influence on all others. Thanks to it the best positioners, programmers and copywriters get to know the characteristics of a given website and on the basis of obtained data they create a detailed action plan, marketing strategies or perform user experience testing. Many companies, wanting to save money, do not decide to carry out this stage, which is usually associated with ignorance of the prices and time needed for the implementation of subsequent stages.

On-site activities. They are conducted directly on the site undergoing positioning and are the primary action affecting the effectiveness of the entire process. On-site activities include all changes detected by SEO audit, therefore they are the basis of the entire positioning process and are the most expensive. This stage can take many months, which is why it is so important that it is carried out with due diligence. For example, learn what internal linking is and how it affects results, and why you should perform regular user experience testing.

off-site activities. In this case, it is mainly about building as many backlinks as possible that lead to the positioned page. Google’s algorithm considers the page, to which links are placed on other domains, as much safer and trustworthy, and therefore gives it a better position.

SEO agency, freelancer or independent positioning?

The main problem facing all entrepreneurs who decide to do SEO for WooCommerce is deciding who will be responsible for it. This process is dealt with by:

SEO agency – Interactive agencies like SEO agency Chicago are usually big companies with whole teams of the best copywriters, SEO specialists and programmers. They employ only specialists who know the entire specificity of the chosen industry and are able to react on an ongoing basis to any problems arising during the implementation of individual activities. They implement actions from the simplest ones, close to changing a website’s theme, to the most difficult ones, like actions on source code and user experience testing.

Freelancer – this is usually one person or a few friends who want to carry out most of the activities independently and without outsiders. The advantage of this solution is usually quite low price, but the disadvantage is that a single freelancer rarely has sufficient knowledge of individual activities.

Independent actions – this is the most rarely chosen form of positioning, which is usually used by self-taught people for whom the Internet has no secrets. The biggest advantage of this type of action is the fact that they are completely free, the biggest disadvantage – the high risk of making various mistakes. Some of them mean a reduction in the effectiveness of actions, but some may result, in the worst case, in the exclusion of the site from the listings, which may mean huge costs and the inability to position the site.

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  • Gilbert Canfield 26.08.2022

    I’m glad you mentioned the user experience in the context of SEO. It is important not to forget about the user during optimization activities. That is why SXO was founded. The combination of Search Engine Optimization and User Experience is to make our positioning even more effective. It is worth having a user-friendly website if you want to achieve online success. SXO focuses not only on technical elements, such as page load time or optimization for mobile devices, but also on content.