Top 7 movies set in New York City!

Top 7 movies set in New York City!
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New York is the city that never sleeps. For years actors, artists, directors and writers have been fascinated by it. It is said that it is here that the best scripts are written, and every poet inspired by the atmosphere of this city creates amazing works. And finally – many people dream of a trip to New York and taste its culture.

Films that emanate New York atmosphere

Without a doubt, this place is one of the most interesting on Earth. A lot of movies have been shot in it, but not every one of them captures the spirit of this city faithfully. Big-city life, rich Manhattan, popular Central Park or artistic Brooklyn, this is what you should look for in productions coming straight from New York. Below are 7 movies that capture the atmosphere of this amazing city like no other

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Amazing screen adaptation of the book of the same name showing New York in the 60s. The main character is Audrey Hepburn, whose fame is still going strong. The film tells the story of a young girl who lives at the expense of rich admirers. One day a charming young man moves in upstairs who is a writer and earns a similar income. How will this meeting change the lives of these two?

  1. A Prince in New York

A surprising comedy that still entertains the same way after a dozen times. The main role is played by Eddie Murphy. He plays the role of Akeem, the heir to the throne of an African kingdom. According to tradition, his parents have chosen a wife who will fulfill his every desire, even the most foolish ones. What does Akeem do? Wanting to live his own life, he decides to leave and find his beloved in New York. Unfortunately, the new world surprises him, leading to increasingly comic situations

  1. The Great Gatsby

Something for fans of romantic comedies. It shows New York City in the 1920s, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. The film tells the story of lovers who meet after five years of separation. It is a treat for everyone who loves lavish parties, rich clothes and money falling from the sky

  1. Let’s Start Again

A beautiful drama interwoven with happy plots and many musical scenes. The whole action takes place in New York. It tells the story of two people who want to start over. The main character is Gretta (Keira Knightley), she is a singer-songwriter who moved to the city for her boyfriend. Everything seems fine in their relationship; they are beautiful, talented, living day to day, and the world is open to them. On the other side is he (Mark Ruffalo), whose life is in ruins overnight. He separated from his wife and has no contact with his daughter. What can connect these two? How will their lives intertwine? You will find out all of this after watching the film

  1. New York in love

A beautiful movie that features a plethora of stars. It stars the likes of Bradley Cooper, Andy Garcia, Natalie Portman, and Rachel Bilson. The movie tells 11 life stories about people who are looking for love. It is all set in the middle of Manhattan, showing well the architecture and character of the city. The beautiful setting of the play is not all. The stories are so different from each other, yet driven by similar emotions. Surprising, spontaneous and lively – such are the adventures of these seemingly unknown people. It is worth watching for the kaleidoscope of emotions that the events evoke

  1. When Harry met Sally

A romantic comedy telling the story of two people whose paths part after a twelve-year relationship. Once they meet on a plane. After many conversations and difficult moments, they no longer know how they feel about each other. Is it just friendship or maybe infatuation? The film is set in New York because this is where the characters come to fight for their future together

  1. Kevin Sam in New York

This comedy could not be missing here. The second part of the Christmas classic that never gets boring. This time the young hero has mixed up his planes and finds himself alone in New York. During his journey, he and the audience visit all the corners of New York City immersed in the holiday atmosphere

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