Styling in the atmosphere of a summer picnic. See our suggestions

Styling in the atmosphere of a summer picnic. See our suggestions
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Summer is a time when we spend a lot of time outdoors, engaging in various activities. In recent years, outdoor parties and picnics have become increasingly popular. It is worth dressing comfortably and stylishly for such an occasion. Check out how to easily create a summer picnic outfit, which will also be perfect for everyday use

Beautiful weather and warm days give us many opportunities for great outfits. Sets inspired by idyllic atmosphere of picnics or garden parties are very popular. Such an outfit should not be overly elegant or chic, what matters here is more freedom and comfort. Since picnics usually take place when temperatures are high, it is worth wearing airy and light fabrics. The ideal choice will be clothes made of linen, silk, cotton or viscose. This means that flared midi skirts, wide-legged pants and maxi dresses will certainly work. On colder days, you can combine this outfit with a light jacket or denim jacket. Outfits in light pastel colors, with delicate patterns or with navy character will look great. Each outfit should be thought about with regard to the activities planned for the picnic. Dressing up for a meeting with friends and children is slightly different from dressing up for a romantic date for two. Check out our summer styling suggestions for inspiration!

3 outfit elements to get you ready for the summer outdoor party

Gingham Checked Dresses

A great option for summer styling would be outfits with the stylish Gingham check, otherwise known as the Vichy check. This is one of the most recognizable patterns of retro fashion, which also fits perfectly with modern outfits. Dresses in delicate white and blue or white and red checks will be a sensational choice for a summer picnic. It’s a versatile and timeless theme that’s perfect for work or shopping. The Vichy check pattern adds a lot of charm to your outfit and gives it a romantic touch

Overalls in retro style

Another proposition, which is perfect as a part of outfit for summer parties or picnics, is suit inspired by vintage fashion. This type of one-piece set with wide legs is perfect both for casual parties and more formal events. Overalls can be combined with sporty sneakers, as well as with elegant stilettos or heeled sandals. This outfit is a very simple way to always look chic and nonchalant during summer, regardless of the circumstances

Hats with ribbon

When going for a picnic in the afternoon, you must not forget about the appropriate headgear. An original hat can be a great addition to your summer outfit, so you should have one in your closet. A hat with a pastel-colored silk ribbon is a fantastic accessory to protect your head from the heat

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