White dress. The perfect base for summer styling

White dress. The perfect base for summer styling
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Dress in pearl white for summer, must unquestionably be in your closet! With this closet item, styling is fresh, subtle and feminine. They match almost all accessory colors and look great in different configurations and combinations

A fashion gem

A dress in white is perfect for sunny days. White color effectively reflects light and prevents overheating, subtly marks tanned skin and rejuvenates. It is a hit when it comes to choosing a style for work, a party with friends or a family dinner. For many years the white dress has been chosen by women of all ages because of its universal appeal. It will be a good base for boho style, and in combination with a jacket will give us an elegant look. At the same time, it is a very comfortable item of clothing for spending time at home.

In combination with a straw hat and a braided handbag it will give you an airy styling effect and will bring back the seaside atmosphere. If you’re wondering about the right footwear, a white dress looks great with ankle-length sneakers or shorter models. Choose shoes in a light color or a contrasting color, namely black. Such a set of sporty elegance will allow you to be casual and comfortable during the day. Fans of maxi dresses can let themselves choose braided sandals with open toes. This is the right solution for hot summer days. Styles with basic white dresses give you freedom of choice when it comes to choosing outerwear. A jean jacket or loose-fitting sweater will still look trendy and casual.

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