How do I care for my dry hair? Some valuable tips

How do I care for my dry hair? Some valuable tips
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Brittle ends and fly-away strands are a problem for many people with dry hair. There are many different causes for dry hair.

Genes, a change in the scalp’s hydrolipidic balance and an overproduction of sebum may be to blame. Most of the time, it is us who contribute to dry hair through improper styling or intensive colouring treatments or other bad habits, which damage the delicate hair structure. In this article, we put together some practical advice for those who want to keep their hair looking healthy and beautiful. Enjoy!

Dry Hair – Know the Cause of the Problem

If you touch your hair and feel that it resembles dry straw and it dries quickly after shampooing, is difficult to comb and lacks shine, then you most likely have dry hair. The sebum layer on the scalp protects the hair structure. For many reasons, however, this balance can be upset. The naturally thin and porous hair also becomes coarser and more brittle if the sebum production is too low. Water evaporates more easily from the inside of the hair and the hair quickly becomes dry

The causes of this problem are mainly attributable to improper hair care. Intense colouring with low-quality dyes, shampoos with drying alcohols and other substances having a negative effect on the hair, blow-drying at high temperatures, regular use of a flat iron or a curling iron may additionally weaken the hair structure. Many people confuse dry hair with damaged hair. In the latter case, despite its brittleness and lack of elasticity, hair retains its shine. It is important to distinguish between these two problems because they require different treatment. People with curly hair are particularly prone to dry hair.

Taking Care of Dry Hair – Practical Tips

There are several proven ways to help improve the condition of dry hair. Regularity and perseverance are essential but with these tips, you will soon notice the first results!

  1. Don’t wash your hair every day. Every time you wash your hair you are rinsing out the protective lipid layer and this exacerbates the drying of your scalp, which also has a negative effect on your hair structure. Try to wash your hair only when necessary and use a moisturizing shampoo for a dry scalp.
  2. Use lukewarm water for washing your hair and avoid hot water.
  3. Choose your hair care products carefully. Make sure that they do not contain any alcohol(in particular, substances labelled as alcohol denat, benzyl alcohol, ethanol alcohol or isopropyl alcohol), SLS and SLES
  4. Try to avoid cosmetics such as hair sprays, gels and styling mousses. These products usually cause more hair breakage and dry out the hair
  5. Use a conditioner after every wash and a conditioning mask once a week.
  6. Avoid styling your hair without protecting it with a heat protectant. This applies not only to flat irons and curling irons but even to blow-drying with hot air. It is best to let your hair dry naturally
  7. Choose wooden combs or brushes with natural bristles. Metal or plastic can unnecessarily damage the hair cuticle by chipping away at its smooth surface.
  8. Have the ends of your hair trimmed regularly at your hairdresser’s – this will help strengthen dry hair and improve its moisture content. At the same time, you’ll get the effects of instant refreshment.


The most important thing in caring for dry hair is regular care with the right products, which moisturize from the inside and strengthen the hair structure. It is worth reaching for shampoos and conditioners enriched with aloe vera extract and shea butter, which restore the smoothness of the surface and close the hair cuticles. Argan, almond and avocado oils help the hair to retain moisture better and make it easier to comb

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