Juicy color on your lips? Invest in these luxurious lipsticks!

Juicy color on your lips? Invest in these luxurious lipsticks!
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Both in the past and today they are synonymous with luxury, but they have this name for a reason. They are characterized by beautiful packaging, incredible durability and intensity of color. Although they cost much more than standard lipsticks, it is worth investing in them

Luxury lipsticks from Hermes

The stunning collection of Hermes lipsticks had its premiere in March last year and although it was quite a surprise for fans of the brand, it very quickly won their approval. The collection features 24 lipstick shades, 14 of which have a satin and 10 a matte finish. The collection also includes a lip balm and a universal liner, as well as a stylish leather case. The price of such a marvel is around 250 PLN

Chanel’s iconic lipsticks

Beautiful gold packaging with a minimalist Chanel logo from the Rouge Allure Velvet collection with a matte but luminous finish that doesn’t dry out the lips. Thanks to ultra-concentrated pigments, the color applied to the lips lasts for a long time, and their pleasant scent positively affects the application experience. The price of Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick is about 175 gold

Quintessential femininity from Tom Ford

Speaking of luxury lipsticks, don’t overlook those from Tom Ford’s Lip Color collection, which not only feature a rich color palette, but also great ingredients that include soybeans and chamomile oil. They provide a matte finish and perfect hydration. The price of these lipsticks is around 255 PLN

The list is still missing lipsticks from YSL, Dior or Guerlain. If you want to know the full offer of luxury lipsticks, it is best to go on a small hunt to the mall, especially since they are currently open again

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