How to choose wedding rings?

How to choose wedding rings?
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Once the magical word “I do” is spoken, comes the stressful but happy and exciting period of planning the wedding and reception. The most important element during the wedding and the most significant symbol of marriage are the wedding rings. Their choice often spends the bride and groom sleepless nights and even becomes a topic of dispute. See how to choose wedding rings.

Classic or modern?

The first thing to think about is whether the rings you are going to wear should be in a classic, rounded shape or have a more modern form. It all depends here on your preferences and the style you feel most comfortable with. Modern wedding rings are usually flat, without the characteristic roundness and vary in texture, or rather the finish of the gold. Matte, satin or high-gloss effects are the most common options. For example, you can look for wedding rings that combine more than one finish. This will make them even more unique and original. However, it is important not to overdo the modifications and forget what the ring is supposed to be. Too much change with the design of this type of jewelry can make it later confused with ordinary rings, for example

Gold, rose gold or white gold?

Another aspect to consider when buying wedding rings is their color. Of course, the most popular and for years the most preferred are those made of yellow gold. However, there are couples who are not afraid to go wild and break tradition. For such people white or rose gold wedding rings are ideal. They can also be combined from more than one color of gold, then they will be more interesting and modern. The rings can also differ slightly between men’s and women’s rings, for example the color or the addition of ornaments such as zircons or diamonds. The choice is entirely up to you and not your mother or aunt who will look at you with astonishment that your wedding rings do not resemble the ones she chose 40 years ago. Do not forget that the wedding is only for you and the rings you decide on you will wear for the rest of your life

New or with history?

Many couples also face a dilemma – to buy new rings or bet on the ones left by parents or grandparents? Wedding rings are a very common family heirloom and carry a lot of memories and magic. If you have rings in your locker from your beloved grandparents, who were together all their lives and loved each other above all else, they can become your talisman of happiness on your way together. Second-hand rings usually only need to be lightly refreshed – cleaned and re-polished – and sized to fit your hands

Another way to weave a loved one’s story into your marriage is to melt old wedding rings into new ones created in your style. The gold from your grandparents, parents or other loved one will continue to accompany you on your new way of life, but without having to adapt to a specific style of wedding rings given years ago

Wedding and reception is a beautiful day, which is usually planned well in advance. The wedding rings should be taken care of a few months before the wedding, so that everything is done perfectly and on time. This beautiful symbol of love and unity in marriage is the most important jewelry you will wear for the rest of your life, so it is worth spending some time and attention on choosing them.

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