5 Essential Accessories for the Perfect Wedding Day

5 Essential Accessories for the Perfect Wedding Day
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The wedding day is the most important day of your life, so you want to make sure that you look your best and that everything runs smoothly and the way you want it to. To achieve this, there are certain accessories that will help you look great and feel relaxed during this big day, including the following five must have accessories for the perfect wedding day.


With a single bracelet, you can enjoy all sorts of different styles – including beaded styles, intricate and glamorous studded pieces, and timeless looks. In order to look old-fashioned, wear an old pearl bracelet from an older relative or look for intricate gold jewelry with chains. Wearing bracelets in combination with bangles adds to the glamour of your wedding day attire. A popular option is silver or gold bangles worn with bright-colored bracelets such as blue, pink, or purple. They look best when paired together.


At weddings, wearing a low neckline is not just a tradition, it’s a fashion accessory. That’s why the bride wears it on top. Dangly earrings make for a perfect choice as they don’t conflict with your evening dress’s neckline. For example, pearls and other dainty necklaces. For something more elaborate, go with silk or satin flower-shaped pendants with embedded crystals. They’ll look great in any outfit as long as they work nicely with the gown. In addition to designing or buying the perfect wedding gown, consider other possibilities such as having a gold chain custom-made that pairs perfectly with your dress. Handmade necklaces are great for wearing to small engagements, as well.


Women have many choices for earrings, and earring types vary greatly. Stud earrings are typically jewelry pieces that do not need to be inserted through holes in your ears. The second type of earring is called a dangle. These larger earrings are adorned with gems or other decorations and hang from your ears. When it comes to fashion, both dresses come in many variations. They can be worn during an outdoor ceremony or on a night out with friends. Wearing earrings gives you the chance to make an elegant outfit appear much more put-together, so you don’t need to wear other accessories in order to dress well. Many brides choose to wear their earrings throughout their wedding day, but others prefer to change into more formal earrings for the reception. You should choose whichever option best suits your wedding’s theme and personality. wear simple earrings, like studs, if you are looking for a traditional wedding accessory. Try on several pairs before settling on the one pair you want to wear to feel confident on your wedding day.


Wear a choker on your big day, it’ll make you feel extra special. Wear it around your neck as an accessory, in your hair as an adornment, or wear it with bright or delicate patterns and colors. If you’re having a small, intimate wedding ceremony and want to avoid a look that’s overdone, consider wearing a beautiful, wide choker that falls over your collarbone. It’s both elegant and simple and will make you feel like a princess. Other options include wearing several thin chains that you can tie together to form one long piece of jewelry. If you like wearing lots of necklaces or bracelets, this will work great for you. You can even make things a little more special by giving your bridesmaids personalized necklaces, so they can accessorize as well.


For those who enjoy a bit of extra bling on their wedding day, consider adding a pop of color by going with bridal sets. Matching engagement and wedding bands give couples something they can wear every day that’s just a little different from their regular rings—and they’re super fun to mix and match. To complete your own look, add coordinating earrings or hair accessories in your choice of metal.   Bridesmaids may also want to choose matching pieces, like necklaces or bracelets.


With these essentials in your wardrobe, you will be able to ensure your wedding day is picture-perfect. They are all your favorite pieces, but they may not all be the key pieces in completing your ensemble. If you want to know more about wedding accessories, visit the Lora’s Treasures.

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