Why do men love stilettos?

Why do men love stilettos?
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Referred to as one of the attributes of femininity, present in the closet of almost every woman – we are of course talking about stilettos. Today we will try to discover why men love this type of footwear and indicate which models attract their attention the most.

History of stilettos

The first heels appeared in the 16th century and were not worn by women at all. The purpose of heeled shoes was to help men ride horses and keep their legs in the stirrups. Then they proudly began to enter the salons, but still in a masculine edition. Only a few decades later they appeared on women’s legs. Interestingly, at that time they were not very popular among women, because they were associated with promiscuity. Until the end of the 19th century, the history of heels was extremely turbulent. The first inventor of modern stilettos is considered to be physicist Olbrecht Klitschko, who noticed that a woman’s silhouette looks the most seductive when wearing this type of heel. And later, in the 1940s, it was Christian Dior who first introduced shoes that can be successfully called the grandmothers of modern stilettos. Therefore it can be said that it is men that we owe this one of the most iconic elements of styling, present in almost every woman’s closet

What makes men lose their heads for women in stilettos?

The secret of men’s love for women in stilettos lies in their construction. Thanks to a specially shaped sole and tapered, often sky-high heels, this type of shoes make a woman’s silhouette look more attractive. Women automatically change their posture when they put on high heels. Their backs become straight, making the bust more exposed and the buttocks gently pushed up and lifted. In addition, high-heeled shoes are also great for shaping legs, slimming them and making them appear much longer than they really are. Besides, walking on high heels forces women to move in a specific way, making their hips work harder, attracting the male gaze

There are many scientific studies that prove that men are much more desirable to women who wear stilettos. Researchers at the University of Portsmouth conducted an experiment that involved a group of men. They recorded women walking on a treadmill. Some of them wore regular athletic shoes while using the device, while the other group of women walked on the treadmill in stilettos. The video was then shown to the men. The vast majority of them clearly stated that women in heels are much more attractive and they would be more likely to go on a date with them. This means that women in heels are able to steal men’s hearts much faster because their attractiveness grows in direct proportion to the height of the shoes they are wearing

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Stilettos are more than just a sexy look

However, stilettos do not only mean a different perception in men’s eyes. Many women wear them just for themselves, because they give them strength and self-confidence. Perhaps that is why they are so popular, especially when it comes to official dress code or special events in life. It’s incredible how one piece of clothing allows women to change their perception of themselves, gives them courage and inner strength, and a little something that turns every outfit into a unique outfit that perfectly matches the personality of the wearer

Stilettos are one of the items of clothing that arouse the interest of not only men, but also women. This type of shoes has an incomprehensible, magical power that makes each of us feel special and sexy in them, regardless of whether they are worn with classic jeans or with an elegant dress.

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