TOP 10 styling mistakes for work

TOP 10 styling mistakes for work
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Styling for work should be elegant and neat. Each part of it must be meticulously selected. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what the business dress code looks like.

There is only one chance to make a good impression at work. This applies both to people with and without experience. The main thing is to keep the business dress code that has been in force for years. We are talking about both women and men. In the latter group, unfortunately, choosing the wrong hairstyle for work happens quite often. However, this is not without women, who, as you might expect, have a slightly more difficult task. Here are the ten most common mistakes that both groups make.

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The Most Common Workday Styling Mistakes

Women and men often unknowingly select the wrong items of clothing. All because of a lack of knowledge on the subject. Here are the most common mistakes:

  1. Inappropriate footwear – the issue concerns both genders. Women choose too bright, high heels, which is obviously a mistake. They are often unable to move in them. Men, on the other hand, instead of opting for elegant half shoes made of natural leather, choose moccasins, or worse, sports shoes.
  2. Skirt that istoo short – it is accepted that skirt is an indicator of good style and taste. Unfortunately, when a woman chooses a skirt that’s too short, the effect is the opposite of what was intended. Every skirt should be at least knee length
  3. T-shirt under a jacket – women in the office often wear jackets. Everything is fine until they pull them off. Under them there are tops made of cotton, what is worse with a large neckline – a total flop. A business top should be made of silk with a touch of viscose and cover the neckline. It is best if it is in neutral colors.
  4. White bra under a white blouse – another common mistake. However, it can be said that such erroneous thinking has already taken hold in our society for good. Nevertheless, under a white blouse you should not wear a white bra but a flesh-colored one. The same rule applies to black and colored tops.
  5. Clothing and accessories with brand logo – some people think that a large brand logo, especially a luxury brand, is an indicator of prestige, but business dress code does not work that way. For work, choose delicate accessories and plain clothes without a big brand logo.
  6. Mix colors – it is all about notmixing bright colors with toned down ones. It is best to wear something in pastel and neutral colors to work. This also applies to accessories. Women should pay special attention to choosing a bag, belt or watch for a business outfit.
  7. Wrong choice of socks and pants – this case applies to men. For brown leather shoes, socks in cappuccino color will be the best, whereas darker shoes will be perfectly matched with navy blue socks. Men’s pants are often too short and too tight. Probably due to the recent fashion of slim fit clothing.
  8. Too strong make-up – styling is not only about the choice of clothes, shoes and accessories. It is also important not to overdo it with make-up. Strong and defiant make-up may disgust your co-workers and boss.
  9. Wrong hairstyle – greasy, tangled hair with a lot of hairspray is aninappropriate hairstyle. It is best to opt for a classic hairstyle. A simple ponytail or chignon works great

Outfits that do not fit your figure – oversize clothes for women and slim-fit clothes for men (as we have already written about) have recently become fashionable. Once again, the business dress code is merciless and such outfits should be avoided.

Avoid these mistakes and your boss and colleagues will appreciate your professional approach to style selection.

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