Elegant in summer – 3 ideas for summer hairstyles

Elegant in summer – 3 ideas for summer hairstyles
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Summer heat sometimes makes it difficult to be elegant. Tights, full boots and covered shoulders, which are the rules of savoir vivre and classic elegance, do not work when it is forty degrees Celsius outside. Fortunately, unless you are in the Royal Family, such strict rules do not apply to you. Dressing and behaving elegantly is worthwhile, but do not let yourself go crazy. See which elegant summer hairstyle ideas we have prepared for you.

Simple overalls and high-heeled shoes – modern elegance

Shoes are the foundation of elegance, so put them first. Depending on which shoes you choose, your outfits can have a completely different character. When it comes to overalls, it is a comfortable and trendy piece of clothing that is very easy to manipulate with accessories. If you want to look elegant, avoid garish and very colorful materials, opt for muted colors. For hot weather, natural materials in light shades are best. The cut of the suit is actually the simpler the better, it is the shoes that have to play first fiddle here. Wear a sleeveless jumpsuit with a straight leg of ⅞ length. With a slightly shorter leg, you’ll expose your ankle, which will expose the beautiful heeled sandals that are perfect for the heat. When it comes to shoes, you can go for ones in a strong color or with shiny elements. These shoes can be a great accent to your outfit. You can find a wide range of high heeled and low-heeled sandals at https://suzana.pl/category/buty-damskie-sandaly-na-slupku

Dress and sandals on platforms – comfortable and elegant

A classic, elegant dress with an envelope or boat neckline calls for stiletto heels. However, these are uncomfortable shoes that often cause abrasions, chafing and blisters. Foot pain is definitely something to avoid on vacation. Especially when sightseeing or walking in a new city, bet on elevated but comfortable and stable shoes. In this case, wedges or platforms will be a perfect solution. These shoes will still optically lengthen and slim your legs, but they will not strain your feet and calves so much. Moreover, they will be perfect for hot weather and will let the skin of your feet breathe and cool naturally. Anchors are a phenomenal proposal for summer, which returns to favor every season. You can find interesting platform sandals at https://suzana.pl/category/buty-damskie-sandaly-na-koturnie

White pants and sandals – a summer classic

The last styling idea is the combination of white pants with leather sandals. This is a very classic combination which works especially well on cool summer evenings. This set combined with a striped sweater or blue shirt is a fantastic outfit for a walk by the sea at sunset or an evening out in the beer garden. In such a comfortable, yet elegant outfit you will fully enjoy your vacation. Even worse weather or the cold after dark won’t stop you. Browse our wide range of sandals at https://suzana.pl/category/buty-damskie-sandaly-damskie.

Footwear can often build an entire outfit, although it seems to be just an accessory. Shoes are also a sign of a woman’s elegance, so do not underestimate the importance of good shoes when packing your suitcase for a holiday trip. Remember that comfort is what counts on vacations, so leave your stilettos at home and take more comfortable variants of shoes with higher soles with you. Stilettos, platforms and platforms are a great substitute for uncomfortable stilettos, while flat sandals will be perfect for walks and hikes

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