Top 7 French movies worth watching!

Top 7 French movies worth watching!
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Now is a great time to catch up on movies. The increasingly longer evenings will pair perfectly with the rich yet graceful French cinema, whose flavor and finesse will delight everyone!

Why French cinema?

Choosing the right themed movies is half the battle to perfectly plan your next evenings under the blanket, with hot tea and something to watch. It can not be just anything, it is worth reaching for cinema, which is the quintessence of good taste, humor, unique stories and emotions. I’m talking, of course, about the French cinema, which is also perfect for worse days. What productions to reach for? Here are 7 French films that are sure to delight you!

1. Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra’s mission

Although there are many productions, both animated and with live actors, in which we learn about the adventures of the heroic Gauls facing the Roman invaders, an undisputed favorite is the part from 2002. The production, which has already enjoyed cult fame, is even better in its Polish dubbing, whose preparation and performance is of the highest quality.

2. Fanfan Tulip

Remaining in the trend of fantastic, bizarre historical comedies, we cannot fail to mention this well-known production. In it, we will learn the story of a young adventurer and womanizer living in 18th century France who joins the French army to avoid marrying one of the many women he has seduced. This adventure romance is sure to be suitable for a Friday night.

3. The Untouchables

This production takes us back to the present day. In it we will learn the story of a young, poor man who, after being released from prison, found a job as a caregiver for a paralyzed millionaire. The story from 2011, which combines elements of comedy and a message of drama, is a production that you should definitely watch.

4. Tomorrow we will be happy

In this film we will also see one of the two main characters of the movie “The Untouchables”. Here Omar Sy takes on the role of a man who is suddenly thrown into the role of a father and has to deal with new tasks, responsibilities, and the responsibility that suddenly rests on him. Here, too, we get a well-balanced dose of humor and emotion.

5. Daddy Cool

This film position will perfectly emphasize the fact that the French are certainly capable of making great comedies in which they also include an appropriate dose of a more dramatic plot. With a great fusion of comedy, morality film and drama, we will get an item at which delight will be our natural reaction. Will the home kindergarten that Adrien set up to support Maude, who dreams of having a family, pass the test? See for yourself.

6. Leon the Professional

This 1994 production probably needs no introduction. The story of a paid killer who rescued a twelve-year-old girl orphaned by corrupt policemen has sunk into the hearts of many movie buffs. The cult role of Jean Reno, in which he deviates from the stereotypical image from the beginning, is the best proof that this actor, as well as the whole production, has no equal. If any of you have not seen this title, it is essential to change that and discover whether Leon managed to complete the assignment entrusted to him by a young girl.

7. Amelia

There are certainly many pearls in French cinema that have passed into the canon of classics. The quintessence of this canon is “Amelia”, a film from 2001, whose original, amazing, but also extremely specific atmosphere will absorb you for the entire duration of the screening. The story of the title character is told in the company of wonderful music and unusual scenario, so it is impossible to pass by this production indifferently.

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