The 80s are back! Get to know the style defining characteristics of this decade

The 80s are back! Get to know the style defining characteristics of this decade
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The crazy ’80s were very much in our imagination, but they also required a lot of distance. A frenzy of colors, unusual cuts and surprising accessories – check out what we can expect on store shelves and what hits of the 80s are currently fashionable.

A few words about the 1980s

Two trends held strong in the 1980s – disco and neon versus hard rock and power looks. Colorful and shiny materials were contrasted with leather and elegant suit fabrics. It was a time when not only did gyms open, but also attention began to be paid to emphasizing the figure in film productions, such as the iconic “Dirty Dancing”. This decade was definitely for exposing your assets.

Which hits of the 1980s are back and still very much in vogue?

Fashion is in a constant state of flux – clothes and accessories that were ultra trendy decades ago are coming back into vogue. So what are the hits of the 1980s on the shelves?

Strong and defined shoulders

In fashion terms, the 1980s are mainly associated with the focus on the shoulders. This trend is particularly appealing for women who want to optically improve the proportion between shoulders and hips. How were these body parts emphasized? Usually one of three ways was used – special pads were sewn in, buffets were placed or small pleats were sewn into the fabric.

So let’s reach for an oversize jacket with emphasized shoulder line, tied with a belt. Add a pencil skirt or wide-legged suit pants and the power look is ready.

Buffets and pleats reigned supreme, especially in shirts and dresses – velour little blacks, asymmetrical cuts and flounces. What is important, the task of dresses in the 1980s was to beautifully emphasize every woman’s silhouette.

Sport and denim – not so obvious

As we have already mentioned, in this decade the first gyms opened, and the denim giant, Levi’s, entered the market. No wonder that sportswear gained importance. They were worn not only during exercise, but also on a daily basis. Lycra leggings were popular, especially the colorful ones. They were – and still are – a real hit when worn together with a bodysuit or a blouse with open shoulders. If such a set is too daring, just put on more toned down cotton leggings. Sets consisting of a jacket and shorts or short bikinis are also very popular. Of course, the ubiquitous denim is back like a boomerang – also in the total look version.

Brand worship, logomania and original prints

Several decades ago we fell in love with T-shirts, socks and shoes with a visible brand logo. Now we can easily find a lot of proposals in this style. What is important, we do not have to look for it in collections of great fashion creators, because this type of clothing and accessories is also introduced by many brands and international chain stores. Logo or brand name can be subtle or printed on the whole fabric.

In addition to symbols, T-shirts with interesting prints emphasizing interests or personality, for example depicting a favorite band, are again in fashion.

Kidneys, kidneys, everywhere kidneys

Finally, there is an accessory without which an 80s look would not be complete. Namely, kidney bags, which we wear not only during outdoor activities, but also while walking, shopping or even to work. Kidney bags can be worn classically, that is on the belt, or across the body – in sporty, casual and elegant versions.

Which 80s trend do you like the most? Don’t wait, complete your closet and create inspiring looks!

main photo: Grabowska

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