Hairstyles to Wear at Summer Weddings

Hairstyles to Wear at Summer Weddings
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Summer is the season when most weddings and festivities take place. We like to tell you which hair styles are most suitable for these special occasions. You can do some of them yourself!

They say that a good hairstyle will dress you better than the most expensive clothes. We like to share with you our favourite wedding hairstyles, which make it all the more important to have an updo for your wedding. For such special occasions our hair style should not only look stunning but also stay in place all night long and still look great. What hairstyles are right for summer weddings?

When selecting an updo for a summer wedding, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind, which will make the choice of hairstyle a little easier for us. Select an updo according to the season – for weddings that take place in the summer, remember the high temperatures and dry air. For long hair, various types of updos like braids and buns are the best choice. We don’t want to unnecessarily lengthen our faces or make them look rounder than they really are with the wrong haircut. Above all, comfort is key – if you don’t like having your hair pinned up, you won’t suddenly like it before the wedding. So let’s choose a hairstyle, which we are confident about and which we won’t have to worry about all evening. What are the most fashionable updos right now?


Curls are a timeless hairstyle, fashionable forever. Once upon a time, the trend was for thin, thick spirals, now it’s for thick, softly falling curls, and for the last few years, the much-loved beach wave. In both cases the hairstyles are relatively easy to create, don’t take long to do, look great, suit everyone and are perfect for a summer wedding. They look great on both long and short hair. If curls are not enough for you, accessories are also a must.


Braids and updos are the hair styles immediately associated with summer. They bring to mind meadows of flowers, sunny days, and warm wind. Such idyllic associations can easily be carried over to the wedding festivities. Natural, soft and well-defined braids like messy pigtails, French braids or even smaller, loosely pinned up braids have enormous hair potential and are suitable as wedding hair styles. As is the case with curls, there is still plenty of scope for experimenting with these styles. The best braids are decorated with various hair pins, bobby pins, Alice bands or even a garland

Short Hair?

If you have short hair, you don’t have to cut corners when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding! Dependent on your preference you can have your hair slicked back, styled with gel or braided in the back with decorative elements. All of these hairstyles are suitable for wedding ceremonies. As with the previous two hairstyles, accessories are your best ally – how about a boho bow? Or a richly embellished headband?

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