Why does the skin become dry?

Why does the skin become dry?
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The skin consists of the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue. The most common symptoms of dryness can be observed in the peeling of the first layer, which spoils the image of a perfect complexion. Applying peeling unfortunately in this case will not help, and can even do harm, because dry skin will be irritated. The only option is to properly hydrate the skin. But why does our skin actually become dry?

Symptoms of Dry Skin

The main symptom of under-hydrated skin is flaking. This symptom is extremely bothersome and makes our complexion look unsightly. In addition, it is very often itchy and red, which makes it even more difficult to function normally. Very dehydrated skin often hurts and is tight, which makes it crack more easily. Dryness itself is not dangerous to health, but skin cracks are. Through the cracked skin it is easier for bacteria and microorganisms to get into our body, which may end up in infection or infestation. Therefore, we should try to take care of our skin and not lead to such situations

5 reasons why the skin becomes dry

  1. The Problem is Inside

Very often, dry skin is the result of various diseases such as diabetes or psoriasis, dehydration, nutritional deficiency or malnutrition. If you suspect psoriasis, it’s a good idea to visit a dermatologist to begin comprehensive treatment. Leaving aside the diseases, the rest of the reasons we should deal with ourselves. The simplest way to rehydrate the body is with fluids. You can also use various dietary supplements to improve the condition of our skin or change eating habits.

  1. Using drying soaps

It has long been proven that ordinary gray soap has a very drying effect. Many soaps, especially those cheap, are not able to properly take care of the condition of our skin. While at home we can use only moisturizing ones, but at work or in public toilets we do not have much choice. In this category, hands are the most likely to dry out, so it is always worth having a moisturizing cream at hand, which will properly take care of our hands and make them silky smooth.

  1. Wearing unsuitable clothing

Clothes are made of different materials. Unfortunately not all of them are good for the condition of our skin. Artificial materials do not let the right amount of air through, which makes our skin sweat a lot and thus dry out. Rough materials are also a big problem, as they irritate the skin. If we want to enjoy a beautiful and well-groomed skin it is worth looking at the composition of clothes

  1. Wrongly chosen powder

On the condition of our skin affect not only the clothes, but also the washing powder. Poorly chosen detergents can cause dry skin. The most important thing is that the powder is always properly rinsed. A badly rinsed detergent irritates our skin and increases its dryness. In addition, it is worth it to have the least possible fragrances, which very often strongly contribute to skin problems, acting allergically. Therefore, it is worth investing in better quality washing products.

  1. Bad care

The most common reason for dry skin is improper care or lack thereof. Our skin always needs thorough cleansing, so there is no way, for example, not to wash off makeup. Basic hygiene is very important, because it allows you to get rid of all allergens, microorganisms and many other harmful factors from the body. You should also remember about moisturizing after bathing, when often as a result of washing agents used our skin is dehydrated. Weather conditions also have a large impact on the skin. In winter it is exposed to low temperatures, and in summer to harmful sun rays. It is therefore worthwhile to apply moisturizing creams in winter, and creams with UV filters in summer.

Problems with skin dryness affect many people. Unfortunately, we are not always able to cope with it alone. If all methods of improving the structure of our skin do not work, and its condition is still bad, it is worth visiting a dermatologist or a general practitioner to verify the cause. We should take care of our skin on a daily basis and it will return the favor with a beautiful, healthy appearance.

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