Encyclopedia of fashion: Lyocell

Encyclopedia of fashion: Lyocell
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Lyocell is a fabric that is interchangeably referred to as tensile. It is a type of fabric, the structure of which is somewhat reminiscent of silk. It is produced in a similar way to viscose but with slightly different chemicals and procedures

It is worth knowing that lyocell has properties which make it similar to cotton or linen. It is an ideal material for summer, when the weather is hot

What is Lyocell used for?

Lyocell is a fabric invented in the United States in 1972 as a response to increased environmental responsibility and support for sustainable fashion. It can successfully imitate popular materials such as silk or suede. The fact that it is easy to work with means that it can be dyed in a variety of colors and covered with eye-catching patterns.

It is a great material for sewing blouses, shirts, or summer dresses and skirts, and is ideal for hot weather. The fabric is pleasant to the touch and permeates the air perfectly. Lyocell is suitable for people who have very sensitive skin and tend to allergies

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