Face contouring step by step

Face contouring step by step
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Hollywood stars and Instagram models dazzle us with clear and defined facial features. Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones that could shred paper or Gigi Hadid’s perfectly defined jaw are ideals we would like to aspire to. But you don’t have to win the genetic lottery to achieve a perfectly sculpted face. Here’s how to contour your face step-by-step, like the Kardashian sisters.

How do I find my cheekbones?

Cheekbones are a key location for face contouring. A lot of cosmetics are applied under and on the cheekbones to achieve the look you want, so first you need to know where to find them. The zygomatic bone is located under the eye and goes on the outside of the face to the base of the ear. It is very easy to feel with your fingers. It is in this area that most of the pain will occur. If you still can’t find the cheekbone, you can also use a makeup brush to trace a line under the bone. Place the handle of the brush at the base of your ear and run it in a straight line to the wing of your nose. About two fingers away from your nose, you should feel your cheekbone begin. To highlight it, Makeup Revolution cosmetics will work fantastically.

Where to apply bronzer?

The foundation for a slimming and sculpted face is bronzer. A powder or shadow in a neutral shade of brown, which with its dark color will create a shadow effect and thus draw attention to the top of the cheekbone. The bronzer should be applied roughly in the shape of a number three, where the first protruding point of the three falls on the edge of the forehead and temples, the next just below the cheekbone, and the last on the jawline

Applying bronzer to the forehead and temples is meant to make the forehead smaller and narrower, creating a shadow that makes the bright points focus more. Dark colors hide points on the face, while bright, shiny spots on the face stand out and catch the eye. The trick of applying bronzer to the forehead will work great for people who have a high forehead or a wide face

The second point of the three is to slim the face and boost the cheekbones. A dark area created underneath the bone will make it appear as if the bone is so high that it casts a shadow. Use a soft brush to apply bronzer from the center of your ear to your lip line, moving it in one direction from your ear to the bottom. This way, most of the cosmetic will be on the outside of your face, and the closer to the center, the more naturally it will blur. This will help you avoid bronzer stains.

The last point of the trio shape should fall at a point from your earlobe to your chin. With this step, your jawline will be much more defined and your face will stand out more from your chin and neck

Where to apply the highlighter?

Highlighting can be divided into two stages – wet highlighting and dry highlighting. The face can be highlighted wet before powdering, in which case a light concealer is used for this purpose. Use this product to draw a triangle under your eye in the shape of the wing of your nose and the beginning of your zygomatic bone. Then, of course, you need to blend it on the skin and powder it with a light product. Other places to apply light concealer are the center of the forehead, the nasal bone, the base of the mouth and the center of the chin

Dry highlighting involves applying a light, often shimmery or even wet-skin effect powder to the focal points of the face to highlight them. When the applied product catches the light, it reflects it in a beautiful way, making those areas eye-catching. Dry highlighter is applied to the tops of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the base of the mouth and the arch of the eyebrows

With facial contouring, you’ll achieve the dream effect of a sculpted, defined face. Makeup has power, similar to a scalpel, but is effective without the pain and risk. Contouring allows you to modify your facial features, have fun and experiment with your look. With a little practice, you’ll get to the point where you can do the perfect contouring quickly and efficiently every morning.


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