Stylish homewear – the collection of the Polish brand Le Songe

Stylish homewear – the collection of the Polish brand Le Songe
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Rose print, frills, buttons and, most importantly, comfort combined with classics – this is the latest collection of the Polish brand Le Songe. Thanks to it, every woman can feel fashionable and comfortable.

The Polish brand Le Songe was founded by Natalia Orłowska. The designer has created clothes that are characterized by high quality, comfort and are in line with the latest trends. All of them are sewn in the sewing room in Ursus, Warsaw. The designer personally makes sure that they are made of selected materials. All details and decorations are sewn by hand. Every nuance has been thoroughly considered and analyzed so that customers know that they have made not only a fashionable, but also a wise choice. That’s why the brand emphasizes that it also cares about ecology in its business – it uses FSC-certified packaging for shipping, and fabric offcuts are used for bags so that nothing goes to waste

Stylish homewear

The brand’s flagship product is pajamas. Seemingly classic, but with a touch of nonchalance. This is why they can also be found in the designer’s latest collection. There are floral, knitted sleepwear, often decorated with charming frills. A hit, however, will be universal kimonos, which are perfect for wearing at home and outdoors. Women who love comfort can bet on leggings, tops and tracksuits, which are also in the latest offer. The trademark and also the advantage is undoubtedly the option of personalization, which is the perfect option if you want to give someone a unique and personal gift

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