Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. Plant substances contained in cosmetic products have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin. We have prepared a list of ten natural cosmetics that are worthy of interest.

1. Nacomi Vegan Youth Serum

In Nacomi products we can very often find many ingredients of natural origin. It is no different with the Vegan Youth serum, which allows you to take care of the healthy and radiant appearance of the skin. In the composition of the cosmetic one can find, among others, retinol derived from algae which has a strong moisturizing effect and provides protection against water loss. The formula also contains ginseng extract, which evens out the skin tone. The main task of the serum is to stimulate the epidermis to rebuild and provide it with conditions for regeneration. The product is perfect for people who notice the first signs of skin aging.

2. Argan oil “Elixir of Beauty”

Another gem from Nacomi is cosmetic cold-pressed argan oil. It is perfect for mature skin care, as well as acne-prone or dry skin. The Moroccan formula of natural origin prevents the first signs of aging and properly moisturizes both dry and oily skin. The oil can also be used on hair or any other part of the body that needs nourishing, so it is a multifunctional product.

3. Nature Queen-Orange Chill Body Scrub

Peeling based on salt, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter is a proposal for cold evenings. It perfectly warms up the body, stimulating microcirculation and blood vessels. Cinnamon and salt particles not only allow you to cleanse the body well, but above all effectively get rid of dead skin. In addition, the scrub smells wonderful, which makes the whole procedure more pleasant.

4. Organic Shop Moroccan Princess Shampoo

The Organic Shop brand prepares natural products in a great price range. The revitalizing shampoo Moroccan Duchess not only attracts with its beautiful fragrance, but also with the richness of plant substances. Argan oil contained in the formula gives the hair shine and prevents split ends. Orange blossom and olive oil in turn are a source of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, K, and valuable amino acids

5. Field horsetail balm Polny Warkocz

Polish natural cosmetics brands offer more and more interesting products. One of them is Mazidło from field horsetail from Polny Warkocz, dedicated to couperose and problematic skin. The cream has a regenerative effect, and the mineral compounds it contains even out the complexion tone and moisturize it properly. In the composition you can find, among others, sweet almond oil or verbena oil showing antiseptic and toning properties.

6. Four Pins, natural deodorant in cream

A perfect alternative to the classic deodorant in a ball can be a deodorant in the form of cream. This one from Four Pins smells beautiful, citrus-herbal note and does not cause irritation, as opposed to deodorants in the spray. It contains diatomaceous earth and white clay, which absorb sweat and provide a sense of freshness for a longer time. The product also contains evening primrose oil, coconut oil and shea butter to moisturize and regenerate damaged skin

7. COSNATURE Firming Eye Cream

The skin under the eyes is much thinner and therefore needs special care. One of the most interesting eye creams is this one from Cosnature, containing pomegranate seed oil – it smoothes and moisturizes the skin, as well as eliminates the first signs of aging. The formula is also enriched with coenzyme Q10, a naturally derived polyunsaturated fatty acid. Thanks to this, the cream not only shows anti-wrinkle properties but also regenerates strongly

8. Anwen conditioner for porous hair Emollient Rose

This product is especially recommended for owners of highly porous and damaged hair, struggling with the problem of static and frizzy hair. The emollients contained in the conditioner from Anwen are broccoli, poppy, pumpkin and radish oils and shea butter. This mixture ensures your hair is properly moisturized which will prevent styling problems

9. ALOESOVE body balm

The light formula of the balm was composed on the basis of ingredients of natural origin. Linseed and grape seed oils reduce the feeling of dryness in the skin and aloe vera extract intensively moisturizes it. The product cleanses gently, and after bath leaves a pleasant fragrance of natural plant extracts on the skin

10. Fresh&Natural rich body butter

Finally, it is worth mentioning the perfectly concentrated blend of plant-based butters. The product from Fresh&Natural is a combination of shea butter, cocoa butter, mango and avocado. The richness of nutritional ingredients regenerates the skin, brightens visible discoloration and protects it from UV radiation. The butter does not cause irritation, because it does not contain SLS in its composition

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